1988- 89 – 1st and 2nd year law . School of Law. University of Granada.

1990 – 91 – Course at the School of Design and Fashion Technology. Granada.

1992 – Begins his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada .

1995 – Fellow at the Hogeschool Rotterdam Erasmus Omstreken . Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands ).

1995 – Solo exhibition at the pub La Sal Granada.
         – Stand on the international art fair ART + SUR with South -East gallery. Granada.

1996 – Stand in the international art fair ART + SUR with Direct Art Gallery. Granada.
         – Mural painting for CEM ( multimedia entertainment center ). Castellón.

1997 – Erasmus Fellow in the Faculty of Arts : Academie voor Beeldemde Vorming . Fontys Hogescholen. Tilgurg (Netherlands).

        – Stand in the international art fair ART + SUR with Direct Art Gallery. Granada.

        – Exhibition at Yanguas House – Albaicin. Granada.

1998 – Bachelor of Fine Arts. Specialty: Arts; branch: Painting. University of Granada.

1999 – Course on Computer Aided Design (Photoshop, Freehand). Chamber of Commerce. Castellón.

2000 – Teacher Training Course and specializes in drawing. Granada.

         – Pintura University Concordia mural for the building. Almería.

2001 – Course Continuing Education Center. University of Granada. The color applied: three-dimensional function and interaction.

         – Sign doctoral studies. University of Granada.

         – Exhibition in Photos Plant. Honsehersdijk, Zuid Holland. Holland.

2002 – Certificate of Teaching Period (PhD).

         – Painters Group Exhibition by the natural park of Cabo de Gata.

2003 – Home of the period of supervised research (PhD) .

2004 – I Forum of Artists. Provincial de Almeria.

2005 – II Forum of Artists. Provincial de Almeria.

2006 – III Forum of Artists . Provincial de Almeria .

2007 – Solo exhibition at Gallery bon á Tirer. Granada ( Spain).

2008 – Solo exhibition Pupa Tattoo Art gallery.

2011 – Exhibition at ARTS on 9th. San Francisco. Open Studios. USA.

2012 – Exhibition at ARTS on 9th. San Francisco. Open Studios. USA .

2013-14 – “Aus meimen aus” Solo exhibition .Diversity Art Galerie. Berlin. Germany.

          – Granada workshop: Spanish comtemporary Glocal Art Marquet. GLOCALFINEART. May 2014. Faculty of Fine Arts. Granada. Spain.

2016 – “Caricias” Individual Exhibition 21-4 at 30-6. Veranda restaurant. Bern. Switzerland.

         – “Rodalquilarte”. Collective exhibition. Rodalquilar (Natural Park of Cabo de Gata- Nijar) Almeria. Spain.

         – “Face exhibition”. Collective exhibition. Galeria Alvona. Croatia.

         – Enter as artist in NewYork Art. (Non-profit Foundation). NYC. USA.

         – Enter as artist in Saatchi Art. California. USA.

        – Enter as artist in Fine Art America. USA.

2017 – “2 in 1”. Solo exhibition at Espace 38. Biel/ Bienne. Switzerland.

         – ART BANK associator en ARTBANK ( China).

        – Collective exhibition. Rodalquilarte 2017 (Natural Park of Cabo de Gata- Nijar) Almeria. Spain.

        – “All Art +”. Collective exhibition. Van der Plas gallery. New York. USA.

WEB25The images that enable pictorial spaces produced by Arturo Reyes Medina , are nothing , logic and coherently – that pure revelation of his inner feelings about the cruel realization of the reality of the world. Disoriented beautiful delicate beings roam through sophisticated scenarios planimetric whose system configurator has , however, considerable amount of tension and density dramatically. His ” decorativismo ” is only apparent , has a refined and compact design that encourages ( or perhaps , camouflage ) containing more transcendent and internalized .Frames usually refer to a honeycomb lattice of closed where their debates people their seizures or excitement about releasing their desires . Therefore, we have a distressed area , fencing and unsatisfied , but as counterpoint , is intoxicating and evocative ; baffling and inevitably seductor.El pictorial treatment , – by ” collages ” on paper , process water , inks intense, saturated color , etc. . behaves – specific categorical and adequacy .Ofredan handwritten verses phylacteries votive for him prodigious and uninhibited celebration initiation rites , the gouache is applied in harmonic textures , the subtle feature but sometimes incicivo , outlines the compositional joints maintained . It seems that some were talking formalist particularly ductile and malleable , imbued with inflections ” modernist ” , a splendid display aesthetics, pantheistic and ebúrnea , saturated and contained strong sensuality .But sometimes, the ephebes fragile Bacchae , intertwined lovers , we show distant – perhaps suspicious – barricaded after a latent secrecy , and contacts and conversations passionate practice : as if , in fact, what they interested state was, above all, an iconic actidtud , demanding a human recovery paradigm . I think that, ultimately , this is a sweet represent uncertainty and , above all, a tender and loving helplessness.Enthroned in the midst of these slender structures appears the new Prince of Knossos , a prisoner of her beauty , isolated amid the ruins of his palace which was killed by the wind and the retinues. As we said, he and his fellow paintings by Arturo Reyes, attempt to communicate with each other, probably because they sense that they can be exchanged only between their trust, share some ends that are transferable, draw a reciprocal interpretation of the “whole”, and achieve, in short, a common desire to build their own realities.

Antonio Peréz Pineda, PhD.
First Dean of the Faculty of fine arts and Professor of the Department of painting. University of Granada.